Director of Sales and Communications Advisor

Kristen Gross is a writer, communicator, sales and marketing professional with experience in Toronto, San Diego, and Vancouver. She is the western lead for Lloyd Rang Communications. She telegraphed a career in the communications department of the Office of the Premier of Ontario into a freelance business, True North Communications based in San Diego.

With clients in utilities, academia, and the outdoor industry, she has a wide range of experience creating materials from speeches, to press releases, social media, and editorial content. She was the lead on the government’s annual progress report, distilling technical results across all ministries into a public-facing piece, including directing its photos, videos, and graphic design.

She is talented at writing in a voice appropriate to the audience, editing, and interviewing. She is a crusader for clear, concise communications. To this, she has added sales training and experience with Rocky Mountain–a Canadian, high-end bicycle manufacturer– making her a skilled listener, negotiator, and advisor.

Now based in Vancouver, when she’s not at her laptop, she enjoys the BC outdoor lifestyle, and can often be found on local trails riding her mountain bike or exploring Vancouver’s many regional parks with her family.


  • Writing
  • Communications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Planning
  • Editing
  • Interviewing