Narrative Development and Communications Strategy

We do a deep dive into your organization and work with you to tell your story. We’ll uncover it, write or re-imagine it, refine it – and create a step-by-step plan to help you share it.

Product narrative
Company narrative
Communications strategy
Fundraising campaign

Executive Reputation Management and Thought Leadership

We can help you build or polish a reputation as a leader in almost any area of expertise. We’ll work with you to create your leadership narrative – identifying topic areas you can explore and developing a strategy and content to share your expertise, advice and opinions with your audience.

Personal narrative
Fundraising campaign


We work with you to make you sound like you – only better. We’ve earned a reputation as some of the best speechwriters in Canada – which is why we’ve worked with politicians, CEOs, and celebrities all over the world.

Content Creation and Editing

We create thought-provoking articles, blog posts, releases, web copy – on any topic, no matter how complicated. We help start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals and others get noticed. And our editing services will make your documents clear and readable.

News releases
Report writing
Briefing note creation
Contributed articles
Blog posts
Q&A doc

Issues Management

The best way to deal with issues is to learn to avoid them (see our training courses). But if you can’t, we can help you deal with a problem and make it go away as fast as possible.

Digital Communications and Website Development

We use digital audits, social listening and raw data to identify and evaluate your digital storytelling opportunities. We create content and influencer strategies. We can build your website. And you can trust us with the details – our team can design, develop, and manage your social campaigns, platforms or analytics for you.

Digital communications strategy
Website design
Social media copywriting
Digital advertising
Graphic design

Organization Effectiveness and Systems Analysis

Today’s business landscape is global, turbulent, and fiercely competitive. How your organization is designed and structured can be the difference between successfully driving results or perpetually putting out fires. That’s why evaluating your organization’s structural health is critical to ensure you’re set up for optimized performance. That’s where we can help.

Our organizational behaviour and human resources management specialist gives companies the recipe for success with unique, fluid, and customized recommendations that serve your organization’s exact needs and drive results.

Our signature narrative process is at the heart of everything we do:


We ask a lot of questions and analyze your organization to find out what makes it tick.


We write your core story – your narrative – that connects what you do to the people you’re trying to reach.


We use your narrative to create the customized strategies, content, or training that helps you realize your goal.