Comms In Question

Next episode March 27, 2024 at 2 PM ESTComms In Question: How internal comms can drive external results

We gather senior leaders in company culture, strategy, HR, EDI and Communications to discuss what your people – and your organization – really need from your internal communications strategy in 2024.


Comms In Question Webinar Series Archive


Episode 4: Canada’s Crises of 2023 and Their Lessons for the Year Ahead

December 2023 | Hosted by Anne Marie Aikins.

Episode 3: “Greenwashing” is ending. Are Companies Ready?

September 2023 | Hosted by Lloyd Rang.

Episode 2: Is “Corporate Activism” a Real Thing?

June 2023 | Hosted by Jordan Ray.

Episode 1: Engaging With a Changing World

March 2023 | Hosted by Tracey Sobers.