LRC and Scarborough Women’s Centre are pleased to announce their new partnership, which will begin January 2021.

“We’re excited to partner with LRC,” said the Centre’s Executive Director Lynda Kosowan. “Working together, we’ll be able to reach more women who could benefit from our support recruit more volunteers and fundraise more effectively.”

Scarborough Women’s Centre helps more than 3,000 women every year dealing with abuse, isolation, and poverty. The Centre empowers women to become economically and emotionally independent for future success and to strengthen their local communities, free from violence.

The Centre came together with LRC through LRC’s annual Uplift initiative.

Through Uplift, LRC provides communications services free of charge for one year to a local charity or non-profit. LRC helps them with communications advice, strategy, narrative development, and writing – whatever the organization needs to better tell their stories and get their message across.

“Scarborough Women’s Centre makes a big impact in the lives of the women they support,“ said LRC President Lloyd Rang. “We’re looking forward to helping them tell their story and showing how they make a difference.”

Like LRC’s partnership with the Urban Alliance on Race Relations in 2020, Scarborough Women’s Centre focuses on an area of immediate and specific need in the GTA. The Centre was chosen due to the increased pressure for women’s support services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership will focus on developing the Centre’s narrative and explaining its work to vulnerable women, potential volunteers, and donors.