We are writers, artists, designers, journalists, public servants, and expert strategists.

Our Mission

We make a positive impact for our clients by telling their stories.

Our Vision

We help great organizations understand their audiences, see around corners, stand out, and change the world.

Lloyd Rang

President and Narrative Lead

Lloyd Rang has been driven by curiosity in his more than two decades of experience as an award-winning writer, a strategic consultant, a communications leader, an entrepreneur and as one of Canada’s top speechwriters. He has written for government and business leaders and celebrities around the world, has been a pundit on television and in print, has led corporate workshops in communications and has written for such publications as TechCrunch, Forbes, the New York Times, and The Toronto Star. As President and Narrative Lead at Curious Public, Lloyd gives advice and insight on strategy, content and tactics to clients across the public and corporate sectors. He’s particularly interested in helping startups get out of the gate with a great story.

Tracey Sobers

Chief Operations Officer and Project Director

Tracey has served as a communications planner, strategist and executive advisor throughout her career. Building and maintaining effective relationships have underpinned all of her work with key stakeholders and within organizations. Tracey has a keen understanding of both the needs of clients, as well as the strengths of her team. That is the wealth of experience she brings to her role as Curious Public’s Chief Operations Officer and Project Director, as she manages the talent on board against the unique challenges clients face. Tracey lives in Toronto and stays curious, period. She always wants to know what is around the next corner, and makes staying open to discovery a lifestyle.

Shannon Currie

Senior Consultant and Writer

Shannon is a writer with an eclectic background in the arts, politics, and entrepreneurship who understands the world in story and narrative. She has led marketing projects for entrepreneurs, crafted speeches for politicians and CEOs, and written for a range of industries including digital marketing, health and wellness, photography, the arts, education, hospitality, and even crypto-currency. Shannon is based in Toronto. When Shannon is not at her home office on the east side of Toronto, she is “out and about,” walking through neighbourhoods, looking at the houses and tall buildings – forever curious about the lives of the people in them.

Emma Earley

Senior Consultant, Digital Media

Emma is a marketing strategist and graphic designer based in London, ON. She holds a BA in Psychology and a degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications. She has a passion for understanding human behaviour through a marketing lens, combining minds, messages, and creativity. She brings over four years’ professional experience to the advertising/marketing space. When she’s not developing campaigns or designing, she can be found at the park rollerblading, at the pool hall 8-balling, or in the living room reading. She stays curious about new billiards tricks and successful guerilla marketing campaigns.

Kristen Gross

Senior Consultant and Writer (Vancouver BC)

Kristen Gross is a writer, communicator, and sales professional with 15 year’s experience. She writes everything from speeches, to public relations material, and editorial content. She has partnered with small businesses to instill growth and solve problems in retail, as well as provide full communications support to accounts in utilities, academia, and the outdoor industry. As Senior Consultant and Writer with Curious Public, Kristen is  responsible for maintaining and supporting long-term relationships with top clients. She is also the firm’s western lead. Kristen stays curious about human relationships, local history, and mountain biking.

Jeff Keay

Executive Consultant, Leadership Strategy and Media Training

Jeff Keay is one of Canada’s leading media relations, communications and issues management professionals, having served for four decades as a senior strategy advisor, speechwriter and national media spokesperson for some of Canada’s best-known institutions and brands, including Deloitte, CBC-Radio Canada, TD and Royal banks. As a senior advisor on crisis communications and reputation management – and Curious Public’s Executive Consultant, Leadership Strategy and Media Training – Jeff provides coaching and senior counsel to many of Curious Public’s high profile partners, including Alectra Utilities, Wilfrid Laurier University, Metrolinx and MaRS Discovery District. Jeff stays curious about what makes people tick, and what cool new thing is just over the horizon.

Jordan Ray

Principal and Senior Narrative Consultant

Jordan is a public affairs professional with nearly a decade of experience in communications and politics in the public and private sector. Jordan has shown his resourcefulness through his successful management of digital communication campaigns of all sizes. As Curious Public’s Principal and Senior Narrative Consultant, Jordan elevates client work to encourage engagement. Jordan is a talented writer and project manager, making him a well-rounded “jack of all trades.”  Jordan stays curious about people — he loves learning what passions light others up.

Christopher Walker

Senior Consultant and Writer (London UK)

Christopher Walker is a senior journalist and columnist (The Times, The Independent, Impact Investor, IPE). He has written extensively on sustainability issues. He also has expertise across most market sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry, consumer companies, banking and finance, transport, real estate, and infrastructure. He sat on the investment policy committee of one of the largest investment companies in London and has been part of a major policy think tank advising the government. He rounds out his professional experience with service on several arts boards.  He holds an MA from Oxford University and is based in London, UK. As a coach for business owners, Christopher stays curious about people — what motivates them and makes them what they are.

Jo Henderson

Executive Consultant, Organization Strategy and Effectiveness

Jo Henderson has more than three decades of experience in organizational behaviour and human resources consulting, specializing in training and development. Jo has worked with leading household brands like The Body Shop, Cara Foods, Air Canada Flight Kitchens, Beaver Foods, Compass Group, Harvey’s and others in the consumer package goods, finance, healthcare and automotive industry to create customized solutions, simplify workflows, improve production timelines and develop pathways to achieving strategic objectives. She also helps start-up ventures foster organizational maturity and has worked with over 300 retail leaders across North America to help them increase employee engagement and staff retention by introducing purpose-driven leadership practices.

Jo works collaboratively, simplifies the complex, stimulates processes and creates tailored solutions that are built to last and are always attached to a measurable return on investment.

Anne Marie Aikins

Executive Consultant, Public Relations, Crisis Management and Media

Canadian Press recently referred to Anne Marie as a “media relations maven” which illustrates her unique expertise, reputation as a compassionate, trusted spokesperson and her commitment to sharing her knowledge. Anne Marie worked for several decades in the public sector, and has been a leader in a variety of industries that are near and dear to her heart including anti-violence, people with special needs, healthcare, public libraries, and transit. She was also a respected journalist—so she knows what makes them tick — and author of four published teaching books for young people. Anne Marie provides masterclasses in crisis communications and media strategy and is eager to pass the torch by mentoring public relations teams. A curious, urban dweller, you may catch her walking around Toronto exploring neighbourhoods.