Our partners aren’t just the best in the business at what they do—they’re great people who we’re proud to work with.

Corporate Speech Consultants

Corporate Speech Consultants (CSC) are internationally renowned coaches who elevate executive and corporate speakers so they can achieve their goals. They tailor their approach to each client’s needs through training and interactive seminars for executive teams. CSC has expertly served 10,000 clients in 20 different countries.

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Counsel Public Affairs

Counsel Public Affairs is one of Canada’s most respected and successful government relations and public relations firms. Counsel provides a full suite of services in national and provincial government relations, public affairs, strategic communications, crisis management, and Indigenous facilitation.

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Aubs and Mugg Inc.

Aubs and Mugg is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Toronto. This award-winning agency shapes authentic and meaningful brand experiences through observation, collaboration, and a commitment to craft.

Aubs and Mugg specializes in internal and External Community Engagement and Discovery, Brand Pillar and Narrative Development, Visual Brand Development, Brand Activation, Graphic and Website Design, and Ambassador Training and Onboarding.

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Denise O'Neil Green Consulting

Denise O’Neil Green Consulting is an equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) consulting company, empowering EDI leaders and organizations to genuinely go beyond the performative and be truly authentic in their development and implementation of EDI strategies. Services include customized EDI education and training, coaching and mentoring, inspirational keynotes, plus strategy policy development, planning and workplace climate reviews.

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Foster Films Canada

Foster Films Canada is an award-winning video production company with over a decade of experience delivering high-quality live and pre-recorded video content and editing services to corporations, non-profits, and small businesses across Canada. The agency specializes in shooting, editing, and producing promotional media, education videos, and product advertising.

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evolution evolution

evolution evolution provides professional and personal coaching services. The consulting firm helps professional leaders and organizations shift from a belief of “what is the work” to “what is the mission.” Coaches engage with executives, leaders, founders, and teams who feel isolated or in critical transitions to help them align fully with their purpose, conviction, and clarity. evolution evolution’s expertise in improving team management and the recruitment of top-tier talent gives them a refined insight into how to best build a conscious culture within organizations.

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