Summer Music Society Named Curious Public’s 2023/24 UPLIFT Recipient

Curious Public challenges public affairs professionals to help tackle the affordability crisis in Canada

Toronto, Ontario, February 22, 2024Curious Public, a leading public affairs firm in the GTHA, announced its partnership with Summer Music Society, a volunteer music education and events program in Port Elgin which will receive pro bono communications and marketing services as part of the firm’s commitment to giving back to the community.  As the cost of living soars in Canada and public donations drop, Curious Public has also issued a challenge to public affairs professionals to step up and help deserving charities and nonprofits cope during the affordability crisis. 

“If we all make an impact at the local level, it can create positive change that reaches beyond community borders. During tough times, it becomes even more important for us to lift each other up,” said Rang. 

In its fifth year, UPLIFT, Curious Public’s pro bono program supporting nonprofits and NGOs across Canada, received a record number of applicants. So many, in fact, the firm awarded “runner-up” applicants a complimentary strategy session.

“When all of us are struggling – when our housing costs rise and the price of groceries at the checkout knocks us for a loop – it’s important to remember that people who are vulnerable are struggling even more,” said Rang. “Small – but deserving – nonprofits often lack the resources and time to focus on getting their message out. That’s where communications companies have a duty to step up.”  

“If we all make an impact at the local level, it can create positive change that reaches beyond community borders. During tough times, it becomes even more important for us to lift each other up,” said Rang. 

This year’s UPLIFT recipient, Summer Music Society, impressed the team with its long-standing commitment to making a difference in children’s lives through music education.  

“We’re very excited to be Curious Public’s UPLIFT recipient for 2023/24,” said Don Burns, President, Summer Music Society Board of Directors. “This support is a big step for us. Our volunteer team is dedicated to bringing quality music education and experiences to everyone, no matter their age. With Curious Public’s support, we look forward to sharing our story more effectively so we can keep ensuring people of all ages  get to experience music education in a creative, safe and caring environment.” 

This year’s UPLIFT runner-up was Visions of Science, a leader in transforming lives and advancing equity through access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Other notable applicants include Bartley Skills Development ProgramMalvern Family Resource Centre and the Federation of African Canadian Economics

Last year’s UPLIFT recipient was Hospice Mississauga (formerly Heart House Hospice). 

“Being chosen for UPLIFT 2022/23 made a huge difference for our organization,” said Kitrina Fex, Executive Director of Hospice Mississauga. “We’re the only hospice in Mississauga and have been serving the community for over 40 years, yet most people here have no idea what we do or what hospice is. But our work with Curious Public is going a long way to help us change that.”

UPLIFT is just one of the ways Curious Public gives back as part of its commitment to community social responsibility. On January 25, Curious Public also opened nominations for this year’s James Bullbrook Memorial Scholarship, which supports young Canadian skateboarders in pursuing their passion. 


About Summer Music Society:
Summer Music Society is a volunteer organization that oversees music education delivery to children of all ages through Summer Music Camp and other programming. The volunteer organization, made up of educators, musicians, and community members, has been a cornerstone of music education and events in Port Elgin since its inception in 1987.  

About Curious Public:
Curious Public Content and Insights simplifies the complex, finds your core message and makes sure it reaches your audiences. We delight in creating great words for good people. You can trust us to write your materials, craft your digital campaigns, advise your leaders, train your people and help you fine-tune your business strategy. In everything we do, we make sure our work is bespoke, relevant and smart – all of which is driven by our curiosity to understand who you are, who you serve, and how we can help you achieve success.

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