Helping Nonprofits and NGOs in the GTA and Metro Vancouver tell their stories – at no cost

There are the times when we need each other the most – but that doesn’t mean we don’t need each other all the time. The incredible people who have been running more than 12,000 NGOs in B.C. and 30,000 in Ontario know that. They pour their hearts and talents into work that helps people in their communities and causes that matter to all of us.

That’s why the team at Curious Public is excited to announce our 4th annual Uplift program. If you are a non-profit or NGO in Canada helping others, especially during these unprecedented challenges, we want to help you – at no cost to you

“Uplift is all about helping people tell their stories—stories that the world needs to hear,” said Lloyd Rang, president at Curious Public. “Not every group has the resources to help their message break through, but we can help with that. If that sounds like you, we can step in and equip you to step up to the mic by making sure your organization is ready to tell its stories and reach who it needs to reach now, and into the future, too.”   

Uplift is Curious Public’s way of expressing our gratitude for all the help and support each of us got along the way. 

As Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” There is no better way to feel a sense of meaning in our work than when it helps lift up others. Curious Public team members come from public service, volunteer organizations and leadership roles in groups like Rotary International – and we believe in “service above self.” 

Organizations that have gone through the Curious Public Uplift program have chosen to use three months of our service in different ways. Some have created a new narrative for their organization that helps everyone on the inside and on the outside looking in understand who they are and what they do. Some have directed it towards a broader communication strategy to achieve a certain goal or campaign. Uplift can be whatever you need it to be, because Curious Public can help you with telling a broader story, or more specifically with website development, social media support, speechwriting, public relations, and more. 

“We are so grateful to have been chosen as the Uplift client for 2021,” said Lynda Kosowan, executive director of the Scarborough Women’s Centre. “They listened carefully, consulted with various members of our team, and came up with a wonderful narrative on our messaging. They also provided very detailed recommendations to help us achieve our communication goals … in our work to support women building brighter futures for themselves and their families.”

To apply, simply answer the five basic questions on our application. Uplift is open to NGOs and nonprofits operating in Toronto and Vancouver. Submissions for Uplift are due before our closing date, September 9 2022. 

Apply to Curious Public Uplift 2022 at