Great Words for Good People

Five years ago, I launched Lloyd Rang Communications. And – just like in Star Trek – I outlined a five-year mission (actually, an aggressive business plan) that ended in a rebranding exercise.

And here we are. It’s year five and we’ve officially outgrown the Lloyd Rang Communications brand. It’s time for something new – something that builds on the tremendous experiences we’ve had with incredible clients down the street and across the globe, and that embraces what’s next.

Welcome to Curious Public.

The name captures our dedication to helping good people tell great stories, as well as the approach we use to serve them.

Organizations need partners – like us – who can give clear and fearless advice and develop fresh and precise content because global audiences are smart and cynical and savvy. But lots of consultants still give you stale templates instead of fresh content. They’ll tell you that storytelling is about talking about yourself instead of connecting to an audience.

At Curious Public, we create compelling, tailored content and offer specific, strategic advice for organizations that want to stand out. We do that by asking you the right questions and using our insights to build narratives, strategies and campaigns that are customized to your organization and its leaders.

We simplify the complex, we find your core message and help you communicate it in a way that resonates while achieving your objectives. You can trust us to train your people, write your materials, get you in front of a digital audience, advise your leaders and help you fine-tune your business strategy. In everything we do, we make sure our work is bespoke, relevant and smart – all of which is driven by our curiosity to understand who you are, who you serve, and how we can help you achieve success.

When you succeed, we succeed.

When you share your story and move people, the world becomes a little more truthful.

When you really connect with people – and show them how you can help – the world becomes a little more trusting, too.

Look – curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

Curiosity helped the cat find the truth and tell it.

Curiosity lets us find great words to help good people make a difference.

And we believe curiosity changes the world, and businesses, for the better.

So, let’s get curious.