There are life-changing and career-changing moments when you are called to step up to the microphone or pitch an idea. And if it goes well, nothing will ever be the same for you again.  

We’re here to help. 

At LRC we believe in the power of words – to connect people, to move people, and to tell the stories that help us explain what we do, and why we do it. 

That’s why we love to write. One of the first things we learned about writing for other people is that it isn’t about us. Ever. It’s about helping our clients find their strongest and best voice. We make people sound like themselves, only better. 

Key to that is staying true to who they are. There’s a word for that, one that we use a lot – authenticity. Authenticity is about being true to oneself. Maybe you can’t sing like Frank Sinatra. But we can help you to sing like yourself, with maximum confidence, impact, and honesty. 

Corporate Speech Consultants 

One of the best parts of working in this business is crossing paths with people who share your values. That was certainly the case when we started talking with our partner, Corporate Speech Consultants (CSC) about building some shared training offerings. 

Together, we developed two unique VIP learning experiences. And today, CSC and LRC are announcing them, with registration now open for September. 

Give the Speech of Your Life 

This is an intensive, one-on-one VIP experience, where we work with you to develop an engaging, effective and evergreen keynote speech that captures your true voice and vision. The first phase is working with me to research, develop and revise the text. The second phase is working with CSC’s Sarah Lang and Adam Lazarus, master performance coaches, to develop the skills to deliver that keynote with confidence and authenticity, to any audience our VIP needs to reach.

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

It’s a real challenge to give an ‘elevator pitch’ about yourself – a brief, impactful description of what you do, and why it counts. That’s not the client’s fault. They know who they are, and what you do, so well. 

Leaders aren’t necessarily writers, or polished presenters. They’re leaders. That’s where we come in. 

In a half-day VIP experience for up to seven participants, we work with you to find the words to explain your mission and communicate it in a way that lands with your target audiences and helps you build an authentic, purpose-driven brand. 

We have more training opportunities, too. We have courses in media relations, storytelling, and online presentation skills that we’ve delivered for hundreds of participants. 

We’re taking registrations for September. To find out more, contact us at