Case Study 4 - Women's College Hospital

Developing a New Research and Knowledge Centre with Canada's Leader in Women's Health

Strategic Planning | Narrative Development and Communications Strategy | Content Creation and Editing


Women’s College Hospital (WCH) approached Curious Public to help them develop and launch a new research and knowledge centre focusing on women’s aging. WCH wanted the new centre to be more than science and put research into action to generate knowledge and raise awareness in the broader community about the unique health and societal issues facing women aged 50+ . Our role was to clarify the institute’s scope, goals and objectives, create a core narrative for the centre, and advise on strategic initiatives to launch the institute.


We collaborated with the team’s policy consultant to develop the institute’s strategic direction and research focus. From our collaboration, we created a  “manifesto” for the institute that outlined its goals, objectives, and initial activities to help focus the WCH planning team and generate buy-in. This was doubly important as the WCH team  prepared for future fundraising from the larger WCH community. The document also led to the institute’s title, Women’s Age Lab. 

We then held in-depth interviews with the Lab’s planning team, the hospital’s senior leaders, and outside experts to understand the institution’s goals, needs, and potential impact. Our insights from these interviews became the basis for the institute’s core narrative. The narrative zeroed in on the core issue that older women’s health has been consistently overlooked by the healthcare community and general public — from research to treatment options and access to health services and social programs.  


WCH launched the Women’s Age Lab — the first and only of its kind — in 2021. The Lab’s mission is to address the imbalance in women’s health by supporting the healthy aging of women and reimagining a system and society where older women and their distinct well-being and health needs are recognized and addressed. 

The narrative we created drove the tone and themes of all subsequent communications about the Lab, informed our copywriting for the initial splash page and current website, and our detailed communications and social media strategy used for the launch. 

Since its launch, national and global publications, including Forbes magazine, have prominently featured the Women’s Age Lab.

Case Study | Kanda

Driving Growth With Existing Customers Through Compelling Storytelling

Narrative Development | Content Creation and Editing | Communications Strategy | Digital Communications


Kanda is a UK company whose unique platform lets contractors create quotes that include financing options for customers to manage renovation costs and ensure contractors get paid swiftly. However, Kanda had reached a growth hurdle when they reached out to Curious Public. Central to their challenge was getting existing customers to continue using the platform. They also wanted to improve how they engaged with and onboarded new clients.


We analyzed Kanda’s business model, marketing, and communications and found that the company needed better tools to help contractors explain the platform and financing options to their customers. For example, contractors loved Kanda’s direct billing feature but struggled to explain the financing options available — a value add for contractors’ clients. 

Curious Public interviewed Kanda’s customers and company insiders to unearth the opportunities and challenges for the business. The feedback confirmed the stumbling block for full platform adoption. We also discovered Kanda’s primary customers (contractors) fell into two distinct groups: younger contractors who were tech-savvy but unestablished with customers and older tradespeople more resistant to tech adoption but more established and trusted by customers.  Both groups are working with limited time, so any narrative created to empower them while promoting Kanda’s features had to be blunt, honest, and build trust quickly. 

We created a new brand narrative for Kanda positioning the company as a paperless alternative, focused on making contractors’ lives easier and securing work:

Send a quote. Offer finance in five minutes. Get paid no matter what. Win better work. Save time.


The new brand narratives and company insights we gave Kanda inspired the company’s website rebrand and gave additional strategic direction and marketing support. Since our initial project together, we have continued to support Kanda with content creation and media pitching to business, start-up and tech sector outlets.

Case Study | Humber College

Demonstrating Innovation and Impact for a Prominent Post-secondary Institution

Narrative Development | Content Creation and Editing | Communications Strategy | Digital Communications


Industry-led innovation is happening rapidly. Humber College recognizes that being on the inside track of innovation is critical to long-term success for students, faculty, businesses, and community partners. That’s why the college created its Centres of Innovation (COI) Network — five centres of innovation that bring together industry and community partners, college students and faculty to develop new solutions to industry challenges.

Humber engaged Curious Public to help them showcase the COI Network by crafting an impact report and accompanying social media campaign to communicate the unique value of the Network to its three key audiences: partners, students, and faculty.


Curious Public interviewed the college’s leadership and the COI Network stakeholders to unearth the nuances of each innovation centre’s value, impact, storytelling opportunities, and educational and economic benefits. We wrote the COI Network’s inaugural impact report from these insights, showcasing each centre’s innovation in real-world problem-solving and the direct wins for all stakeholders. We also crafted core narratives and key messages for the three COI Network audiences. Finally, Curious Public executed a social media strategy to promote the report’s release supported by key messages for each target audience.


The narrative solidified the COI Network’s unique value proposition for each audience: helping students master cutting-edge technologies, inspiring faculty to rekindle their passion for teaching, and helping partners revolutionize their operations. The Impact Report showcased how much the COI Network has already accomplished and set up benchmarks to measure its future success.

Since launching the COI Network, Humber College has been recognized as the second top research college in the country by Research InfoSource Inc.

Case Study | D2L

Creating Communications Strategies and Executive Platforms for a Leading Education Technology Company

Executive Reputation Management and Thought Leadership | Narrative Development | Issues Management | Content Creation and Editing | Speechwriting | Media Training


One hurdle almost all technology companies face is a conversation about sector disruption overpowering the one about net benefits. D2L — a Canadian education technology company offering  an online  platform for learners and trainees of all ages  — is not exempt. D2L’s goal is to transform technology to improve learning. So, D2L came to Curious Public to make sure their goal of supporting and improving education (and Canadians’ access to it) would ring true in their messaging. That would help the company lead larger conversations about skills development in Canada, without getting lost in the weeds of online versus in-person.


Our role was to find ways to tell compelling stories about D2L that said less about their specific products and more about the company’s support of education transformation and its belief in everyone’s right to the best possible learning opportunities. 

We interviewed the company’s employees, executive team, and stakeholders to give us a complete 360° view of the company — its people, mission, challenges, and impact. From these interviews, we developed and delivered an overarching brand narrative and key messages for the company that crystallized its benefit to Canadian students, teachers, the overall education system, and the workforce. 

We also used the process to develop and deliver communication platforms for key executives at the company. 

These narratives became the basis for Curious Public to create an ongoing series of communications products like speeches, media Q&As, news releases, backgrounders, opinion pieces, blog posts, and more for both the company and its executives. These narratives also became a guide for D2L’s internal teams to manage the consistency of messaging and positioning.


Our communication campaign and products have helped D2L further its reputation as an expert in the dynamic areas of education, continuing education, online learning, and upskilling. Our writing and consultation support has also helped develop impact reports and communications for major stakeholder events.