Curious Public Grows to Help Businesses Drive Results Amid Dynamic Market

New Advisors Include Expertise in Crisis Communications, Issues Management, Organization Effectiveness and Systems Management

Toronto, Ontario, June 13, 2023 – Curious Public Content and Insights has enlisted the expertise of Anne Marie Aikins, Executive Consultant specializing in Public Relations, Crisis Communications and Media, and Jo Henderson, Executive Consultant, specializing in Organizational Strategy and Effectiveness, to help clients drive results. 

“As we work with clients in Canada and around the world, we see that traditional PR occupies an important place in their communications strategies. At the same time, we also see that clients often need help setting up their organization to successfully take advantage of communications opportunities,” said Lloyd Rang, President of Curious Public. “We’re thrilled that Jo and Anne Marie are bringing an amazing set of skills and huge professional networks that will help Curious Public deliver what our clients need.” 

Anne Marie Aikins (AMA)

How organizations navigate their publicity, media relations and brand positioning can make the difference between driving results or putting out fires. Anne Marie Aikins (AMA, to her friends) has decades of experience mastering the media scrum on behalf of Metrolinx, the Toronto Public Library, and Toronto Public Health. Anne Marie is a trusted and compassionate spokesperson, a respected media pundit, strong communications leader, and acclaimed writer and former journalist. She has earned a reputation as the “media maven” organizations and business leaders can count on.

“The only thing that gets around town faster than a lie is bad news,” says Anne Marie, “so you need to be ready for when things go sideways. When your organization is positioned to control the narrative – fast – it can save, and even improve, your reputation.” 

Jo Henderson

Jo Henderson is known as a trusted expert who has helped over 300 retail leaders across North America create customized solutions, simplify workflows, improve production timelines and develop pathways to achieving strategic objectives that drive results. Start-up ventures also count on Jo to guide them in fostering organizational maturity. Through her over three decades of experience, Jo has enabled many organizations in retail, health and beauty, consumer packaged goods, finance, health care and the automotive industry to realize organizational opportunities and maximize unique strengths for increased profitability. 

“Organizations very often have their eye on external factors for improved results, like supply chains, investor relationships, and fundraising efforts,” says Jo. “Those are important, no doubt. But what most fail to recognize is that having the right people in the right seats, purpose-driven leadership, and generating greater employee engagement and retention – creating those strong internal structures is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ when it comes to driving profitability and performance.” 

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