TORONTO—Corporate Speech Consultants (CSC) has entered into a preferred partnership with Lloyd Rang Communications Inc. (LRC). Together, they will offer an expanded suite of personalized executive training, strategic communications, digital media services, and interactive corporate seminars across the globe.

“Our two companies share a vision — helping clients to present the best possible version of themselves to the world. So, it makes sense for us to work together to help our clients with both the words — and the delivery — that will make them stand out,” said Adam Lazarus, Chief Operating Officer of CSC. 

CSC is a specialized group of academically trained coaches focused on elevating executive and corporate speakers so they can achieve their goals. They tailor their approach to each client’s needs through personalized training and interactive seminars for executive teams. For 45 years, they have served 10,000 clients in 20 different countries. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with CSC to electrify audiences and help leaders deliver a great message,” said Lloyd Rang, President and CEO of LRC. “We’re working on some exciting — and frankly groundbreaking — courses that we think will really speak to leaders who want to get people talking.” 

LRC is an award-winning communications firm that was formed just three years ago. They excel at narrative development, marketing and B2B communications, brand strategy, and digital strategy.  LRC turns well-thought-out narratives and strategies into tactical, effective communications plans – and backstops that capability with high-quality speechwriting, training, content development, digital and creative services. They serve private and public-sector clients ranging in size from tech startups and NGOs to corporate superstars. 

The combined capabilities of CSC and LRC will strengthen their bids on large, complex projects — better serving the strategic needs of clients who want to elevate their leaders, tell compelling stories and deliver best-in-class training. The two firms will retain their independence, joining together as needed to bring their clients the best of the best as a team.

The preferred partnership was signed February 5, 2021. 

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Adam Lazarus

Chief Operating Officer



Lloyd Rang

President & CEO