With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, a lot of businesses and organizations are urging workers to work from home.

All I can say is: It’s about bloody time.

Unless your job requires you to physically touch someone (a doctor, a dentist, a competitive Ukrainian folk dancer) or manipulate or build something (a bricklayer, an aircraft landing-gear maker, a bobble-head-doll assembler) or you’re in precarious work like retail or the service sector,  you probably could have been working from home decades ago.

And while it’s too bad it took a global pandemic to kick us all in the pants, the planet is likely breathing a little easier thanks to the millions of carbon-fueled commuter and traveler trips we’ve avoided.

On the other hand, many companies without a work-from-home culture are struggling to adapt, and workers who are used to in-face meetings are wondering how they’re going to make their deadlines.

We at LRC can help you. Not only did some of us spend four years excelling in “social distancing” in high school, we’ve built a pretty successful little communications company around the model of exclusively working from home.

We had a chat over WhatsApp about tips and tricks for working from home. And here’s how it went: