Are We Destroying the Media?

Recently announced cuts to CBC are the latest chapter in Canada's changing media landscape. Jordan Ray writes about why this is happening, what it means and how your organization can adapt.

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What Can Taylor Swift and Star Wars Teach Us About Marketing?

Good storytellers drive market success. But if you’re working on a big, multi-year project with thousands of people and lots of moving parts, or even if you’re part of a big corporate organization, it can be easy to feel like you and your work are disconnected from what your colleagues are doing. You may find yourself halfway through the project asking, “How did I get here?” And, “WHY are we here anyway?”

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Budget Day: The story behind the numbers

Last month, the Provincial and Federal governments recently got the chance to strike out a day on their calendars that was no doubt circled in red – Budget day. 

Over the last week, both Ontario’s Finance Minister, Peter Bethlenfalvy and Canada’s Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland delivered their government’s budget, which is less of an exercise in explaining dollars and cents and more of a communications exercise in delivering the story of how each government envisions our future. 

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