Demonstrating Innovation and Impact for a Prominent Post-secondary Institution

Narrative Development | Content Creation and Editing | Communications Strategy | Digital Communications


Industry-led innovation is happening rapidly. Humber College recognizes that being on the inside track of innovation is critical to long-term success for students, faculty, businesses, and community partners. That’s why the college created its Centres of Innovation (COI) Network — five centres of innovation that bring together industry and community partners, college students and faculty to develop new solutions to industry challenges.

Humber engaged Curious Public to help them showcase the COI Network by crafting an impact report and accompanying social media campaign to communicate the unique value of the Network to its three key audiences: partners, students, and faculty.


Curious Public interviewed the college’s leadership and the COI Network stakeholders to unearth the nuances of each innovation centre’s value, impact, storytelling opportunities, and educational and economic benefits. We wrote the COI Network’s inaugural impact report from these insights, showcasing each centre’s innovation in real-world problem-solving and the direct wins for all stakeholders. We also crafted core narratives and key messages for the three COI Network audiences. Finally, Curious Public executed a social media strategy to promote the report’s release supported by key messages for each target audience.


The narrative solidified the COI Network’s unique value proposition for each audience: helping students master cutting-edge technologies, inspiring faculty to rekindle their passion for teaching, and helping partners revolutionize their operations. The Impact Report showcased how much the COI Network has already accomplished and set up benchmarks to measure its future success.

Since launching the COI Network, Humber College has been recognized as the second top research college in the country by Research InfoSource Inc.