Creating Communications Strategies and Executive Platforms for a Leading Education Technology Company

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One hurdle almost all technology companies face is a conversation about sector disruption overpowering the one about net benefits. D2L — a Canadian education technology company offering  an online  platform for learners and trainees of all ages  — is not exempt. D2L’s goal is to transform technology to improve learning. So, D2L came to Curious Public to make sure their goal of supporting and improving education (and Canadians’ access to it) would ring true in their messaging. That would help the company lead larger conversations about skills development in Canada, without getting lost in the weeds of online versus in-person.


Our role was to find ways to tell compelling stories about D2L that said less about their specific products and more about the company’s support of education transformation and its belief in everyone’s right to the best possible learning opportunities. 

We interviewed the company’s employees, executive team, and stakeholders to give us a complete 360° view of the company — its people, mission, challenges, and impact. From these interviews, we developed and delivered an overarching brand narrative and key messages for the company that crystallized its benefit to Canadian students, teachers, the overall education system, and the workforce. 

We also used the process to develop and deliver communication platforms for key executives at the company. 

These narratives became the basis for Curious Public to create an ongoing series of communications products like speeches, media Q&As, news releases, backgrounders, opinion pieces, blog posts, and more for both the company and its executives. These narratives also became a guide for D2L’s internal teams to manage the consistency of messaging and positioning.


Our communication campaign and products have helped D2L further its reputation as an expert in the dynamic areas of education, continuing education, online learning, and upskilling. Our writing and consultation support has also helped develop impact reports and communications for major stakeholder events.