A Skateboard Camp Scholarship in Memory of James Bullbrook

January 26 is an important day. One year ago, James, our friend and colleague of many years passed away. When loss touches us, it kicks off “the year of firsts.” The first birthday without them. The first Christmas. On the last day of this year of firsts, our Curious Public team is putting its love and energy for James into a new “first”: The James Bullbrook Memorial Scholarship. We wanted to do something that honours James for how we got to know him best: as a devoted dad. 

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Uplifting the Uplifters: Scarborough Women’s Centre

In 2020, Lynda wrote on her Uplift application that the Scarborough Women’s Centre is “the little engine that could.” With modest resources, SWC was helping 3000 marginalized women become economically and emotionally independent for future success, free from violence, poverty, and isolation each year.

Last week, Lynda sat down with Curious Public’s Kristen Gross to talk about SWC, Uplift, and what’s changed for the organization since being part of the program.

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We Don’t Know, So Let’s Get Curious

Not knowing is a truth in life and business, but that’s where the fun and wisdom start. Curious Public writer Kristen Gross shares the unexpected teachings from life, love, death, and Socrates turning “not knowing” into a space for genuine curiosity and discovery.

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