Unifying Multi-channel Communications for an International Children's Charity

Marketing and Communications Strategy | Narrative Development | Content Creation and Editing | Communications Training


Telling your own brand’s story is a universal challenge — amplified by an organization’s size and the number of marketing channels. A leading children’s charity with multi-national arms brought Curious Public into their organization to help with that exact challenge. The charity had recently undergone significant organizational and personnel changes and needed to find a way to empower its newly expanded team to be brand ambassadors with compelling and unified messaging.


We talked with the organization’s leaders, staff and stakeholders. We also assessed the brand messaging across its many marketing channels and conducted an in-depth competitor analysis. We found that our client’s story and messaging felt fragmented and out of sync across channels. Additionally, audiences were struggling to connect popular campaigns to the organization itself. 

Our client needed to unify its story and messaging, create a compelling editorial strategy, and find a way to help staff and departments work together as a centralized team with a single editorial/narrative approach. 

We helped our client develop a refreshed brand narrative and a new editorial strategy to better connect the organization with its audience. We also led narrative and storytelling workshops across multiple departments so teams could all align their communication and brand storytelling on internal and external channels.


Our client has executed its new editorial strategy in alignment with the refreshed brand narrative and is reporting positive results. They’ve also noted an uptick in creativity and morale amongst staff in part fostered through the collaborative workshops.