In Partnership with Corporate Speech Consultants

Nothing is harder than giving the ‘elevator pitch’ about yourself – a brief, impactful description of what you do, and why it counts. That’s not your fault. You know yourself, and what you do, too well. But you’re not a writer, and you’re not a presenter. You’re a leader. And that’s where we come in. 

We will work with you to find the words to explain your mission and communicate it in a way that lands with your audience and builds your authentic, purpose-driven brand. 

In this half-day VIP experience, you will get instruction and insights from one of our speechwriters, who have decades of experience writing for corporate and political leaders. You’ll learn specific techniques on how to effectively communicate with audiences about your experience, your mission, and why it all matters. Then, you’ll engage in a collaborative exercise to write and refine your elevator pitch. 

Next, you will work with a dynamic duo of presentation coaches: world-renowned theatre director, Adam Lazarus, and master leadership coach, Sarah Lang. Together, they will help you bring your elevator speech to life. 

You will develop a strong, winning mindset and learn the specific speaking techniques you need to give an authentic, powerful and compelling elevator pitch. You will say goodbye to any public speaking jitters once you understand how to properly use your voice, body language and presence to better connect and engage with your audience.

By the end of the session, you’ll have an elevator pitch in your pocket that you can deliver with confidence to any audience you need to connect with.